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Jessica Olson is one of the main characters in StarStruck. She eventually becomes the girlfriend of Christopher Wilde at the end of the film.

Film Summary[]

Jessica Olson is a 15-year-old girl from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She and her family go to Los Angeles, California to visit her grandmother not having seen her in two years.

Jessica's older sister, Sara is in love with the pop star, Christopher Wilde. Jessica, preferring an intellectual country lifestyle, finds her sister's obsession with Christopher to be generally aggravating.

While in Los Angeles, Sara agrees to stop talking about Christopher Wilde on the trip so long as Jessica will go with her to 21 club for Alexis Bender's Birthday Bash to see Christopher Wilde sing. Sara leaves Jessica in the car, which Jessica dutifully stays in until she gets bored and decides to go to the club as well, but is unable to get in due to the long line. Heading to the side door, Jessica is hit in the head by Christopher Wilde, who is leaving the club.

Christopher drives Jessica to the hospital to get her checked out. The two make a stop at Christopher's house after she's released before he drives Jessica home. Trying to get away from the paparazzi, Christopher convinces Jessica to let him stays overnight at Jessica's grandmother's house, sneaking into the garage with his car. Jessica gives him her grandfather’s hat. The next day her sister goes out to get something from the garage. Jessica tries to stop her scared that she will find out about Christopher. But she is surprised to see that Christopher's car is already gone.

Sara and Jessica go to Malibu beach the next day because Sara wants to see if Christopher is there. Jessica recognized Christopher by her grand father‘s hat and they have a conversation. Jessica lets him switch his keys with her grandma's keys so he can escape the paparazzi. But when they go to the parking lot, the paparazzi show up and Christopher is forced to take Jessica with him after a misadventure.

Christopher decides to take Jessica on a tour of Los Angeles. They explore a lot of monumental places in the city and click pictures. The paparazzi manages to find them on their tour, so they decide to take a dirt road off the beaten path and end up getting lost. They have an banter about Jessica being a bad navigator and know it all. While on the dirt road, their car sinks in a muddy water puddle, which sucks up their car. They barely escape the mud puddle and Jessica is annoyed with Christopher for blaming her. The two decide to hike back to the beach, and Jessica tells Christopher that he has a "fake" life, and expresses her frustration at him for having a life that she doesn't consider to be "real".She explains him how most of his friends are actually his fans and he has an extravagant life of luxury that normal people don’t. He asks her why she doesn’t like him like everybody else to which Jessica responds and explains to him that people like him because he is a celebrity and not just because he is likeable. This banter ends with a Christopher pulling Jessica in to a lake. The two of them play around in a lake for a while and discuss their lives together and their choices in life. He tells her how he wants to stay in the very omens because everyone seems to want something from him but with her he can just be himself. They both have a conversation about their life and head back to the beach.The two nearly share a kiss, but a surfer appears and Christopher hides. Christopher tells Jessica that their relationship ends here and that they can't have a relationship because she is a normal girl. He takes her camera to avoid any photos getting leaked in the social media. Jessica feels hurt by this, and storms off, even when Christopher tells her that she doesn't understand how the paparazzi will ruin her life if they find out.

Unknown to either of them, a paparazzi hid in the bushes and took pictures of the two of them. The director of the movie that Christopher was going to act in finds out and tells him to deny knowing Jessica Olson as spending time with her can ruin his image and he will lose the movie deal. During an interview, Christopher is asked about Jessica and he says that Jessica was just a fan who followed him around and that they never really knew each other. Meanwhile Jessica bids goodbye to her grand mother and Howard. Her grandmother geeks her that even though life might be very painful at the moment but life has a way of working itself out for the better. When Jessica gets back to her house in Michigan, paparazzi are surrounding her house. Jessica is still hurt by how her relationship with Christopher ended, and, annoyed of the paparazzi, she tells them off about how the media first guilts up the reputation of the celebrities and then tries to bring them down by humiliating them.They never want the truth but a story and in the process they create a celebrity but destroy the human being inside and tells them that she doesn’t know who Christopher Wilde really is and wouldn’t like to do so.

Christopher and his best friend Stubby watch the footage of Jessica’s outburst. Stubby tells Christopher that her honesty was her most likeable thing and Christopher had managed to spoil just that. Christopher again reiterates that he didn’t have a choice to which Stubby replies that he is not his best friend anymore because its his life and only he can make his own decision and choices. Christopher realizes his mistake and refuses the movie deal. He also announces his decision to his parents that he should be allowed to make his own decisions. He is 17 and just wants to make music, have fun and enjoy life and they should support his decision as his parents. He gets a closure from the discussion and decided to take control of the situation.

Christopher realizes his mistake of letting Jessica go and for not pursuing her, and goes to Michigan to apologize to Jessica. Sarah invites Jessica to come to the dance with her after one of Sarah's friends insults her little sister. The two decide to go together.

Christopher shows up at the dance and sings her a song apologizing for what he said in California, and tells her that he was wrong about her. He apologizes and tells the paparazzi that he lied about not knowing Jessica. He tells everyone that she may be a very bad navigator and a know it all but most of all she is an amazing and honest person and that he's crazy about her. Jessica forgives him and they almost kiss again, but Sara interrupts them. After Jessica introduces Christopher to Sara, she and Christopher start dancing. Stubby and Sarah get together as well. Christopher asks Jessica out and Jessica agrees to go out with him, and he gives her his sunglasses. The movie ends with a song from Stubby and all of the students dancing along with Jessica Olson and Christopher Wilde.


Jessica is sarcastic and generally fed-up with everyone in her life. She's blunt, to the point, and stubborn. Jessica is constantly vexed with her sister's obsession over Christopher Wilde, Christopher Wilde's assumption that she's a fan, and the decisions made as she goes on the adventure with Christopher. She is blunt about her opinions but a good person nonetheless.

Physical Appearance[]

Jessica dresses for her life in Michigan even while in California. She wears long sleeve shirts and jeans, in mostly floral colors. She has long brown hair which she usually pulls back in some way out of her face. She carries around a canvas backpack, full of her books from home. She does not wear any makeup and is a simple good looking girl.